Conference Speaking Preparation Workshop Course Agenda

Conference Speaking Preparation Workshop Course Agenda

09:00 Introduction and overview

Step One: The Underlying Principles of Spoken Communication

  • Making sure that whenever you speak, people not only listen, but also remember and believe what you say.  All participants will analyze their own styles and abilities, identifying individual strengths and weaknesses and thereby benchmarking their areas in need of improvement.

Step Two: Notes and bullets

  • Participants will be asked to bring their own past presentation or one they would like to work on.  Following discussion and demonstration of the best way to prepare and use notes/bullet points, each participant will restructure their own material.

Step Three: Planning, Content and Structure

  • Discussion and practice of planning and structuring a presentation. How to ensure audience ‘buy-in’; when to get your key points across; how long to talk for; how to adjust to a sudden time constraint; the language to use; the role of humor; the critical need to ‘know’ your audience.

Step Four: Visual Aids

  • Demonstration of the most effective use of any type of visual aid to make sure it supports the speaker and his/her message, and does not become a distraction.
  • (The principles and techniques covered apply to all types of visuals, from PowerPoint to pitch books, flipcharts to handouts.)

Step Five:  Question Handling

  • In this final stage, participants will be shown how to handle difficult questions in a concise and highly credible manner.

13:00 Close