Benchmarking Your Corporate Governance Practices Course Agenda

Benchmarking Your Corporate Governance Practices Course Agenda

9:00 Welcome

  • Introduction and session objectives
  • Recap of latest changes to Governance policy and other impending developments

Governance and how it drives value

  • What is effective governance and why is it important?
  • How effective governance drives value for your stakeholders

Governance and its implications, perceptions and trends  

  • Leadership – looks at how to establish clear "tone from the top", articulate values, strategy and performance in an integrated way.
  • Effectiveness – looks at how challenge is delivered within an organisation
  • Accountability – look at how operations and governance structures assign accountability
  • Remuneration – looks at recent trends and weighting • Relations with Shareholders – looks into how transparent insight is provided into communication channels

An investor’s view of governance

  • Reliance on the annual report disclosures
  • What are the key areas of focus
  • What do companies struggle to explain well
  • Which companies disclose well in terms of governance reporting

Workshop/case study

  • Sector case studies and comparisons
  • What type of leader are you as a firm
  • Benchmarking your governance efforts

17:00 Close

 Further Workshop (optional)