Behaviours and influence around the boardroom table

Behaviours and influence around the boardroom table

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4 November 2015

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A recurring question of recent corporate scandals and failures, asked by investors and media commentators alike, is “Where was the Board?” . The Financial Reporting Council concluded in its 2009 review of the UK Corporate Governance Code that the quality of corporate governance is influenced by a process, but that it ultimately depends on the behaviour of directors and others.
This unique, interactive course looks at both Board process and at behaviours around the boardroom table. The decision-making responsibilities of the Board members mean that they have a strong impact on the economic performance and the strategy of a company.

Understanding a Board’s behavioural and organisational model will help to ensure better decision-making right at the top of the organisation.
A key feature of the programme is a detailed, fully integrated case study, encompassing role-play sessions. This will involve complex and diverse case analysis, including strategic decision-making, risk analysis and crisis management. During the role playing sessions all delegates will experience an active and influencing role, covering all the different aspects of a Board meeting. Delegates will receive the material required for the case study one week before the course.

Why attend?

This multi-disciplinary programme, linking directors’ duties and responsibilities with managerial and leadership insights, will help delegates to:

  • develop their personal leadership and strategy-making capabilities 
  • empower their influence at senior level
  • make better decisions in the future.

Who should attend

  • Chairmen
  • Executive and Non-Executive Directors from all business sectors
  • Company Secretaries and Administrators
  • Investor Relations Managers
  • Senior Executives
  • Professional Advisers
  • Fund Managers

Location: London Stock Exchange, 10 Paternoster Square, London, EC4M 7LS.