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E-learning is an integral part of the Academy offer and it is often proposed to enhance the efficacy of the “in person” training session.

Besides our e-learning platform (Virtual Campus), Academy corporate clients can leverage upon our team knowledge and expertise to organise learning paths for  internal staff. Our team can in fact help to make our clients’ e learning programmes successful, by providing:

  • expert advice on how best to internally design their e-learning or blended learning activities
  • face-to-face and online tutoring based on cutting-edge methodologies
  • a web-based e-learning platform to support customized learning paths

Academy’s comprehensive e-learning offer is diversified and  includes:

Self-learning courses

Academy can create bespoke online courses or video-lessons focused on core financial topics for the whole client company population.

Blended and Collaborative courses

Blended courses are aimed at maximising the effectiveness of online training by combining it with face-to-face modules.

Using our own e-learning platform, we organise online classes, convening participants together to work in small groups at a distance. These classes are managed by specialist teachers and tutors and based upon the ‘collaborative learning’ methodology.

The collaborative learning methodology promotes knowledge and expertise sharing and activates the learning process throughout  ‘peer-to-peer’ discussions and  online group works.

By using asynchronous activities (such as messages exchanges in discussion forums) or synchronous activities (such as chats and virtual classrooms), this methodology strengthens team working and ultimately the working group identity.

The Academy virtual campus

The Academy virtual campus is a public online environment, based on an e-learning platform that allows to run all online, self-learning, blended  and collaborative programmes..
You can access the Academy virtual campus by using a personal username and password. To get them, you have to fill a registration form in.

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