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IOB Cash Equity

  • Unlock the potential of some of the world's fastest growing markets through a single central electronic order book

With similar order functionality as found on SETS, IOB provides a deep, liquid market. This visible liquidity is supplemented by the potential to obtain price and / or size improvement on execution. This is made possible by the minimum size for hidden orders and the minimum peak of iceberg orders both being set at around US$14,000, encouraging the provision of larger un-displayed orders. Price improvement is further enhanced by the option to automatically update a hidden order to the mid of best visible bid / offer.

Tick tables for IOB securities

Tick tables for IOB securities will be reviewed every 3 months. Tick tables can be found in the Millenium Exchange Business Parameters Document available on this link, on the Price Format Schedules tab.

List of Securities

List of IOB CCP securities - updated weekly

List of IOB NON CCP securities - updated weekly