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IOB Cash Equity

  • Consultation on the International Order Book trading service May 2018
  • Unlock the potential of some of the world's fastest growing markets through a single central electronic order book

With similar order functionality as found on SETS, IOB provides a deep, liquid market. This visible liquidity is supplemented by the potential to obtain price and / or size improvement on execution. This is made possible by the minimum size for hidden orders and the minimum peak of iceberg orders both being set at around US$14,000, encouraging the provision of larger un-displayed orders. Price improvement is further enhanced by the option to automatically update a hidden order to the mid of best visible bid / offer.

List of Securities

List of IOB CCP securities - updated weekly

List of IOB NON CCP securities - updated weekly

Consultation on the International Order Book trading service (May 2018)

London Stock Exchange is conducting a consultation on the market structure and trading hours for IOB. The consultation focuses on a potential change to the timing of IOB’s market close and the introduction of an intraday auction, to align IOB with SETS and the Main Market and AIM securities it supports. Read more