Technology Services

Our businesses and customers depend on our secure technology that performs to high levels of availability and throughput.

Income contribution CY 2016


Sub-segment Main types of revenue Customer profile Highlights KPIs

• Sales of capital markets software, including trading, market surveillance and post trade systems

• Provision of enterprise sales and IT infrastructure services in Sri Lanka and to international capital markets customers

• Fees for network connections, server hosting and systems supplied by Group businesses

• London Stock Exchange Group divisions, other exchange groups and capital market clients, banks, IT and large Sri Lankan companies

• Banks, trading firms and depositories in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia-Pacific region

• A range of key worldwide technology deliveries and agreements were completed, with financial sector firms from Singapore, Morocco, India and Argentina

• LSEG Business Services Limited, our Shared Services Company, was launched in January 2016

  • Availability of UK equity market during the
    year 2016:
    100% uptime (2015: 100%)