Capital Markets

Provides access to capital for domestic and international businesses and efficient electronic platforms for secondary market trading of equities, bonds and derivatives.

Income contribution CY 2017

Sub-segment Main types of revenue Customer profile Highlights KPIs
Primary Markets

• Admission fees for initial listing or raising further capital

• Annual fees for securities traded on our markets

• Companies from more than 60 countries around the world have come to our markets to raise money for growth, together with issuers of bonds, ETFs and other instruments

194 new companies joined our markets in the year (2016: 134)

  • Number of companies on our markets 2017: 2,588 (2016: 2,590)

  • Capital raised by new and further equity issues 2017: £44.2bn (2016: £25.6bn)

Secondary Markets

• Fees based on value traded (UK equities) or number of trades or contracts (Italian equities, retail bonds and derivatives)

• Sell-side banks and brokers and buy-side investors worldwide, trading on the Group’s equities, derivatives and fixed income trading platforms

• UK cash equity value traded increased by 4%

• Borsa Italiana cash equity number of trades decreased 6%

• Turquoise Plato Block Discovery value traded increased to €54.5bn (2016: €7.8bn)

  • Average order book equity value traded per day in London 2017: £5.3bn (2016: £5.1bn)

  • Average number of equity order book trades per day in Italy 2017: 276,000 (2016: 295,000)

  • MTS Repo notional value traded €77.7tn (2016: €84.4tn)