Capital Markets

Provides access to capital for domestic and international businesses and efficient electronic platforms for secondary market trading of equities, bonds and derivatives.

Income contribution CY 2018

Sub-segment Main types of revenue Customer profile Highlights KPIs
Primary Markets

• Admission fees for initial listing or raising further capital

• Annual fees for securities traded on our markets

• Companies from more than 60 countries around the world have come to our markets to raise money, together with issuers of bonds, ETFs and other instruments

• 177 new companies joined our markets in the year (2017: 196)

 Number of companies on our markets 2018: 2,467 (2017: 2,485)

• Capital raised by new and further equity issues 2018: £28.7bn (2017: £44.2bn)

Secondary Markets

• Fees based on value traded (UK equities) or number of trades or contracts (Italian equities, retail bonds and derivatives)

• Sell-side banks and brokers and buy-side investors worldwide, trading on the Group’s equities, derivatives and fixed income trading platforms

• UK cash equity average value traded increased by 9%

• Borsa Italiana cash equity average daily number of trades increased by 2%

• Turquoise Plato Block Discovery value traded increased 70% to €92.5bn (2017: €54.5bn)

• Average order book equity value traded per day in London 2018: £5.8bn (2017: £5.3bn)

• Average number of equity order book trades per day in Italy 2018: 282,000 (2017: 276,000)

• MTS Repo notional value traded €87.4tn (2017: €77.7tn)