Sustainable Bond Market

Sustainable Bond Market

Leading the world’s sustainable finance ecosystem

London Stock Exchange’s dedicated Sustainable Bond Market (SBM) champions innovative issuers in sustainable finance and improves access, flexibility and transparency for investors.

In 2015, we became the first exchange to set up dedicated Green Bond Segments. Now our expanded SBM offers a wide range of opportunities for green, sustainability and social bonds, in addition to bonds from green economy issuers, as the need for investors and companies to manage climate risks and create impact becomes ever more important.

Sustainable Bond Market in numbers

SBM is home to the first certified green bonds out of China, India, the Middle East and first sovereign green bonds from Asia Pacific and the Americas. 

1 Including over 130 certified Green, Social and Sustainability bonds, as well as eligible bonds from green economy companies.

Sustainable Bond Market Structure

*Please refer to the SBM Factsheet for detailed technical information.
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Global hub for sustainable finance

The depth and breadth of our markets give you access to the deepest pool of capital, helping you lead the transition to a sustainable and low-carbon economy.

We provide guidance and support to issuers through variety of channels, including our Issuer Services platform and other Group services.

In addition, our markets are home to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) tracking climate-aligned and sustainability indexes, as well as a broad portfolio of environmental solution companies including renewable investment funds, and corporates whose business models encompass alternative fuels, renewable energy equipment and alternative electricity.

FTSE Russell, a leading index and information provider, provides data and indices to investors and issuers, such as FTSE4Good, ESG ratings, Carbon Emissions, Climate Risk and Green Revenues.

LCH SA, one of the largest global Central Counterparties (CCPs) also supports sustainable bonds through eligibility for clearing and use as collateral.

Please find further information why you should choose London’s SBM here.