Green Bonds

London Stock Exchange Group is a committed supporter of green financing and we see huge growth potential for the sector. Our comprehensive offering will improve access for issuers and transparency for investors and by providing dedicated green bond segments we are leading the development of London as a key international hub for green finance.

London Stock Exchange has launched a range of dedicated ‘green bond’ segments, offering issuers a flexible range of market models, covering both Regulated Market (RM) and MTF segments, comprising retail and wholesale, and offering the choice of trade reporting, end-of-day and continuous quoting.

Green bonds have the same regulatory status as equivalent “non-green” bonds and can normally be issued through standard base prospectuses.

To admit green bonds to London Stock Exchange’s dedicated green bond segments, issuers are required to provide the Exchange with a relevant “second opinion” document that certifies the nature of the bonds. The choice of the certification provider is up to the issuer and its advisors. London Stock Exchange does however set minimum criteria that the third party green bond certifier should meet in order for the instruments to be included in the relevant London Stock Exchange green bond segment. Further information is available in the 'Related Links' section on the right hand side of this page.