FTSE UK Super Liquid

FTSE UK Super Liquid


FTSE UK Large Cap Super Liquid index (FTSE SLQ) futures are the new and efficient way for banks, brokers, specialist traders and market makers to manage risk on the UK equity market. Based on an index comprising of 35 liquid stocks, with a high correlation to the FTSE 100, this futures contract offers a variety of new trading opportunities.

FTSE SLQ (Ticker: FTUKLSNG) tracks the performance of the UK equity market through a highly liquid universe of stocks:

  • Composed of 35 liquid stocks making it easier to hedge through basket trading
  • High correlation (99.6%) and low tracking error (1.87 p.a.) with FTSE 100 index*
  • Closely reflects industry segmentation within FTSE100 index
  • Offers natural arbitrage opportunity with FTSE 100 index. 

FTSE SLQ futures provide efficient trading opportunities and liquidity:

  • Multiple liquidity levels are provided by Primary Market Makers & Qualified Liquidity Providers 
  • Offers potential to reduce frictional trading and maintenance costs
  • Initial margin offset with FTSE 100 index derivatives traded on London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market
  • London Stock Exchange offers deep liquidity pool for the underlying securities. 

FTSE SLQ futures benefit from competitive fees

  Fee per trade Trade cap
Order book fee GBP 0.20 GBP 200
Clearing fee GBP 0.02 GBP 20
Expiration Fee* GBP 0.17 GBP 170
* Includes Clearing Fee

Trading Hours

  Open Close
FTSE SLQ 08:00 17:00
All times shown are London times

Expiry Cycles

  12 Months
FTSE SLQ Out to 12 months: first four quarterly months of ‘March, June, September, December’ cycle

Contract Specifications and Factsheets

FTSE Super Liquid Factsheet and Contract Specifications


Corporate Actions

London Stock Exchange Derivatives Markets operate guidelines that determine how corporate action events effect derivatives contracts. Find out more.