Exchange Wireless Service

Exchange Wireless Service

Phone: +44 (0)20 7797 4114

Exchange Wireless Service is a very low latency radio link operating between London Stock Exchange Group’s data centre located in the City of London and Equinix Slough facility.

The service utilises the latest millimetre-wave technology and offers clients the opportunity to secure between 100Mbps to 1Gbps channel to send data between the two key strategic locations.

What is millimetre-wave?
Millimetre-wave is a radio wave that uses directional line-of-sight repeaters located on towers and appropriate building rooftops between the two locations to transmit and receive data. Millimetre-waves operate at a much higher frequency and allow greater bandwidth than microwave services.

Key features

Optimised network path with negligible deviation from a straight line between the two key data centres.

  • Data transmission rates are up to 40% quicker than traditional low latency fibre routes between LD4 Slough and London Stock Exchange Group, City of London
  • Service engineered to maximise availability levels for wireless connectivity.

Experience the lowest latency network service between key European trading venues.

Capacity and availability

  • Larger bandwidth allocations of 100Mb or more are available for subscribers.
  • A dedicated bandwidth management tool ensures fair usage across all subscribers of the service.