Learn Corporate Treasury - Markets Monitoring & Pre-Trade

FX Forwards Calculator App
The FX Forwards Calculator is a one-stop shop for FX Forwards and deposit-related calculations. Learn how to calculate FX Forwards from FX Forwards, set standard periods, set broken dates, choose your own parameters and capture trades.
Overview of the FX Options Suite (FXOC)
In this video, we'll have a look at the LSEG Workspace for FX Trading's FX Option Calculator.
Track Currency Performance (FXPT)
The Currency Performance Value Tracker (FXPT), allows you to monitor multiple value metrics across multiple currency pairs. You can also evaluate heat maps, performance rankings and outlier plots.
FX Volatility Explorer (FXVE)
The FX Volatility Explorer (FXVE) provides essential tools for visualization and analysis of the FX volatility surface for one currency pair.
The Swap Pricer App
The Swap Pricer app (SWPR) is a point of entry to calculations involving variety of swaps and offers complete control over the payment structure of the swaps.
The Macro Monitor App
The Macro Monitor app makes it very simple to view macro measures outright and historically for any group of countries.
Tracking Market Moving Events with the Economic Monitor
The economic monitor gives you a comprehensive real-time economic data coverage to help you understand what's affecting the markets and impacting your trading day.
Reuters Polls
Reuters Polls are surveys of expert opinions. Their content comprises polling history of detailed forecasts and consensus estimates for economic indicators , foreign exchange and central bank interest rate policy.
Explore how to access market leading commodities news, research, market fundamentals, and pricing data.
Explore the key apps for Corporates for monitoring the Global Interest Rates and Economic Trends
Gain useful insights on how Corporates can monitor global interest rate activity by leveraging the most popular apps available on LSEG Workspace.
CDS Dashboard App
Learn how to use the CDS Dashboard app (CDSD), which provides a premium intraday pricing offering for CDS indices and their constituents, as well as for CDS single names in general.
The Starmine Overview App
The StarMine Overiew app is the best place to learn about the StarMine suite of quantitative/ analytical models. Learn how to identify in an instant regional performance versus the benchmark by taking a look at the overall Model Performance.
Data Analysis
Explore unique datasets for Corporates and leverage open desktop environment with direct access to LSEG cloud-based APIs in Excel or using the Python-based Codebook app.
Technical Analysis
Explore chart construction, technical indicators, and back-testing strategies.