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Seamlessly access LSEG’s universe of high-value financial data via Eikon’s flexible data API. With its native Python interface, you’ll be able to go beyond the confines of your spreadsheets to gain more unique, deeper insight - faster.

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Eikon Data API for Corporate Treasury

Use Eikon Data API to assess your FX portfolio's Value-at-Risk and make smarter decisions when hedging the company's foreign currency exposure.

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Features & Benefits

Reasons to get started with your Eikon Data API today

Access Eikon data flexibly

With consistent, high-value data flowing across any in-house or third-party applications on your desktop.

Dive deeper into your data

Create more sophisticated models to get more unique insight – beyond your spreadsheets.

Native python support

Tight integration with Pandas data frames to accelerate your analysis with fewer lines of code.

Working with the API

Unlock new possibilities with your data via our Eikon API

When data is just the beginning, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a trader, quant, portfolio manager, data scientist or software engineer, see how you can make your data work harder for you with just a few lines of code :

How to get started

If you’re an Eikon user, simply create an App Key using the App Key Generator located in your Eikon App library or toolbar. Then, install the Python library for the Eikon Data API. For detailed instructions, see the video.

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