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  • UK Single Stock Options

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UK Single Stock Products

UK Single Stock Options available on order book and for trade reporting, and UK single stock futures available for trade reporting

  • Underlying instruments represent most liquid shares on London Stock Exchange e.g. Vodafone, Lloyds & Tesco
  • Market Making through Primary Market Makers & Qualified Liquidity Providers
  • Providing threshold flexibility for Block trading and manual Trade Reporting

Revised market structure and incentives : Providing threshold flexibility for Block trading and manual Trade Reporting       

All  contracts cleared through LCH.Clearnet

FTSE100 weekly options

FTSE100 weekly options on LSEDM are the first of its kind listed on the UK derivatives market.

Weekly options offer investors and traders different characteristics than standard monthly maturity options, including:

  • More precise hedging and trading
  • Possibility to capture sudden volatility changes
  • Improved value to hedge short term decline without the cost of longer date protection 

On expiry day, FTSE Russell, the global index provider, will provide the expiration level for the contracts, utilising the new London Stock Exchange plc intra-day auction which occurs daily at 12-12:02, and is followed by a random 30 second uncross. The uncross level will then be rounded to the nearest tick to provide the exercise settlement price.

Liquidity is provided on screen by Susquehanna SIG, one of the largest market making firms in Europe and Worldwide.

LCH Clearnet Ltd will act as clearing house for the contracts, and provide margin efficiencies for investors in FTSE100 futures, monthly and weekly options through off-sets for these cleared derivatives in EquityClear. 

For more information, please refer to the Product Brochure