UK and European Equities


UK and European Equities

London Stock Exchange Equities

The world's most international equities market

London Stock Exchange trading services are designed to maximise liquidity for all participants, including over 350 member firms. Three key trading services are available.


SETS is London Stock Exchange's flagship electronic order book, trading FTSE100, FTSE 250, FTSE Small cap index constituents, Exchange Traded Funds and Exchange Traded Products as well as liquid AIM, Irish and London Standard Listed securities:

  • Underpinned by the provision of Market Makers' electronically executable quotes throughout the trading day, providing liquidity in at least one Exchange Market Size (EMS)
  • Ability to participate in the price formation process through placing order types such as 'limit' and 'immediate or cancel' directly onto the order book
  • Opportunity to trade at the day's actual closing price through the provision of the closing auction and the follow-up closing Price Crossing Session

More information is available on SETS webpage:


SETSqx (Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service- quotes and crosses) is a trading service specifically designed for securities less liquid than those traded on SETS. SETSqx combines a periodic electronic auction book with standalone non-electronic quote-driven market making providing guaranteed liquidity in at least one exchange Market Size (EMS) throughout the trading day.

  • Suitable for less liquid instruments that are more reliant on Market Makers quotes
  • Participants can participate in price formation through the auction service
  • Choice of trading in either the quote-driven or order book auction service
  • Auctions are scheduled at 9.00am, 11.00am, 3.00pm and 4.35pm. electronic orders can be named or anonymous on submission and, for most securities, order book executions will be centrally cleared
  • Closing price is set by the mid of the Market Makers collective Best Bid Offer, where there are no matched closing auctions orders. 

More information is available on SETSqx webpage:


London Stock Exchange's non electronically executable quotation service that allows Market Makers to provide firm quotes in AIM securities that are not traded on SETS or SETSqx. It is not available for new securities.

  • Liquidity provided by Market Makers
  • Provision of two-way prices in at least one EMS
  • Suitable for less liquid instruments that would be more reliant on Market Maker quotes
  • Only registered Market Makers can directly participate on-screen in the price formation process
  • No maximum spread regime or CCP provision

More information is available on SEAQ webpage