Meet Roderick

Meet Roderick

  • Studied at the University of Manchester
  • Joined September 2015

“Like other computer science graduates, I had the option of joining a traditional software company. However, I felt that working for a financial services provider would lead to better long-term opportunities. The industry leads the way in terms of innovation; you get to learn about the latest technological advancements before everyone else.

“My first rotation was a development role with the Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) team in Turquoise, which is one of the Group’s Capital Markets businesses. Straight away I was involved in helping to build a Market Maker Reporting (MMR) front-end tool for a new derivatives trading platform the Group was developing.

“It was a challenging assignment and a big test of my skills. I was working mainly with Oracle databases and Oracle APEX, using both SQL and PL/SQL during development. I also got to work on task automation projects using the PowerShell scripting tool.

“I’m now working with UnaVista, which is part of the Group’s Data and Analytics division. It’s a technology platform that provides matching, validation and reconciliation services to LSEG customers. Clients are able to record and report their trading activity and remain compliant with financial regulations.

“I’m working on the core platform, helping to enhance the system by adding new functionalities and fixing any bugs or issues identified by users. It involves working with a range of different programming languages – JavaScript (ExtJS), Java and Transact-SQL databases, among others.

“What’s really surprised me about the Technology programme is just how much responsibility people are willing to give you. The managers are always looking to involve you in live projects, and you immediately feel like you’re making a valid contribution. It’s a great confidence boost knowing that people are willing to put their trust in you.

“Working with different teams allows you a window into the work the Group does and the opportunities that are open to you. You get to shape your own career. I’ve met people who started out in software development and are now working in a customer-facing role. It’s important to give yourself different options at the start of your career; you never know where your interests might take you.”