Meet Maddie

Meet Maddie

  • Studied Computer Science at University College London
  • Joined the London office in September 2019

"I decided to apply to LSEG as I saw it as an opportunity to work both in the financial sector and in technology. I liked the fact that LSEG is large enough to have a lot of diversity in terms of roles and people, but not so large that you get lost within the organisation.

"My first rotation was at LCH as a Graduate Developer in the Group Risk team. On a daily basis I was fixing bugs, implementing new functionality and testing our applications. I spent the first few weeks learning how the system works, but after that I was surprised by the level of responsibility I was given – enough to feel like I was making a difference, but never so much that I felt overly stressed – so it was a good balance. My code was always reviewed by my colleagues too, so I could be sure that what I was doing was correct and that I was working efficiently.

"My second and current rotation is as a Business Analyst, which has given me a higher-level view of LSEG and I now understand much more about how the business functions and how we make our revenue. This contrasts with my previous role, which was very focused on specific areas of code. I’ve also been able to interact with clients and develop skills in communication and presentation that I didn’t really test in my previous rotation.

"It’s not necessarily a role I would have chosen for myself, but I’ve really enjoyed having that different perspective and meeting with different people who aren’t developers. Everyone is very friendly and open and it never feels like there’s a clear hierarchy. I honestly feel comfortable asking anybody about anything."