Meet Ishani

Meet Ishani

  • Post Trade, Sri Lanka

“LSEG is a great place to work because of the variety of technologies we get to use. In my current role this includes Informatica and Oracle, but I also get the chance to work with a lot of new tools, which I wouldn’t otherwise be able to access; this means that I’m always able to keep my technical knowledge up to date.

My team is responsible for generating end of day reporting for both our members and the regulators – it’s very important that we follow strict deadlines and maintain accuracy. I joined LSEG in Sri Lanka after completing my software engineering degree in 2016 and since then I’ve been fortunate enough to get promoted twice. It doesn’t matter where you come from or your background – there are no barriers here. What matters is the quality of your work.

In my role I get to work with different people from around the world and I’ve even had the chance to travel to London for training. As part of the LSEG Foundation I’ve also become involved in charity work, including working with children who are suffering from cancer and receiving treatment at the National Cancer Institute in Sri Lanka (NCI). Giving back is a big part of the culture here.

While my career so far has been focused on the technical aspects of our business, in the next year or two I hope to become a people manager – I’d like to take on a new challenge and learn how to bring out the best in others.”