Join EMIR Refit Project and be at the heart of UnaVista Team

Join EMIR Refit Project and be at the heart of UnaVista Team

Hello! My name is Diana Dumitran, I am a Development & QA Service Manager in LSEG Romania and a strong believer in people’s potential. I like to help colleagues reach their potential and find their right place in the team. What motivates me most, as a Manager in UnaVista Team, is to see someone grow into their role and to find the right next challenge for them. 

LSEG Romania has recently launched the EMIR Refit project within UnaVista Team and we are looking for 6 new colleagues to be part of this new team and to contribute to the implementation of a new solution.

The new team members will join the existing, on site, colleagues to be part of a global Agile environment.

The job openings are for SQL Solutions Developers and Business Analysts.

To all candidates interested in applying, this is a unique opportunity to contribute to a new project and to leverage your expertise to build a complex new product, while in the same time being part of a mature and experienced team.

You will be part of a dynamic Agile environment and will work with a global team of specialists in financial software. In UnaVista, we are proud of the team culture that we have developed and encourage all our colleagues to bring their unique voices to light.

If you are passionate about the financial world and in particular Regulatory Reporting, we’d like to meet you and talk more about how you can impact the implementation of a new regulation that will be the highlight of this domain in the following years.

UnaVista is an approved trade repository in the EU and the UK across all asset classes for both exchange traded derivatives and OTC derivatives. Under EMIR all EEA counterparties to any derivative trade must report to an approved EEA trade repository. 

The EMIR Refit project will be part of the European Commission’s regulatory fitness and performance programme (REFIT), aimed at simplifying EU legislation and reducing any unnecessary regulatory burdens for citizens and businesses.

Alongside other European regulations, EMIR has been assessed with that goal in mind and a number of improvements proposed. The UnaVista EMIR Refit project will basically mean a redesign of the existing EMIR solution to fit the requirements and improvements issued by ESMA.

The changes that will be implemented are so significant that EMIR Refit is actually considered to be a whole new regulation and hence, a new product that we will implement and offer to our customers.  

Find out more about our career opportunities here.