How UnaVista impacts the world of finance

How UnaVista impacts the world of finance

Part of our Post Trade division, UnaVista is now accessible by more than 1000 clients worldwide. Our Technology Centre in Bucharest supports the Group’s growth plans while maximising our global efficiency and shaping the global financial market.

Being a technology centre at the forefront of the FinTech industry, LSEG Romania creates and maintains technical solutions used by our customers worldwide, including our own Group.

Our Technology Centre delivers, tests and maintains technical solutions that are used across diverse areas, including Capital Markets, Post Trade and Information Services. LSEG Romania also provides customer support and has a global presence in the technology infrastructure sector, making a significant impact on the world of finance. Our main focus is developing applications to best support our customers.

With more than 370 colleagues in Romania and 25,000 worldwide, LSEG is enabling businesses and economies around the world to fund innovation, manage risk and create value shaping the financial world and preparing for challenges ahead.

In addition, the acquisition of Refinitiv is offering us the chance to provide best in class analytics, drive innovation for trading, market surveillance and growth for communities globally.

Our UnaVista colleagues shared perspectives on how their daily activity impacts the global financial markets.

Catalin, Senior Technical Support Analyst, mentioned that his impact on the world of finance is concentrated through his daily activity, while supporting customers’ clearing and reporting obligations, reducing customers’ risk and cost in clearing, matching, reconciliation, and regulatory reporting. Responding efficiently to customer queries, dealing with live service issues and helping to restore system services as quickly as possible.

Andreea, QA Test Analyst, highlighted that her contribution to the development of quality software helps clients be compliant and increases the quality of their reports. Being part of this global team, she shares the same values as our organisation, to have the highest standards for data protection and security and reducing the reporting burden for the clients.

As part of the same team, our colleague Stefania, Quality Analyst, contributes to the quality of the solutions offered by LSEG. This helps clients  be compliant and manage the risks related to data validation required by multiple regulators and also increases the accuracy of their reports.

Our Engineering Manager, Radu Saligny, aims to lead the team growth, deliver innovation and ensure resiliency of our platforms: ‘Our experienced Solutions Engineers are delivering and maintaining the quality of our products creating a community without regulatory and operational risk. Our mission is to deliver innovative Post Trade solutions, leveraging the strength of our community while helping our partners focus on core competencies and growth. With more than +10B transactions processed, validated and reconciled yearly, UnaVista is a leading player in the RegTech industry safeguarding the market from systemic risk of another financial crisis in the future. And that’s a great impact on the world of finance!’

Fintech in the next 10 years

While Fintech has been in the centre of digital transformation in recent years, digitalization of finance and payments will continue to grow in the years ahead. In the age of disruption, FinTech is a growing industry at the intersection of technology and financial services, which is a powerful incentive for technical progress and innovation.

The financial industry is revolutionising the way businesses and consumers conduct financial transactions, but this comes with a lot of challenges.

Building trust, collaboration with regulators, enhancing customer experience, security of transactions, the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit are just some factors that will be influencing the Fintech industry. Along with these challenges come opportunities that companies and start-ups are already taking advantage of, like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Automation.