Meet Vlad

  • Studied at the University of Manchester
  • Joined in September 2014
  • Now on second rotation in SwapClear, London

“Computers have always been a passion of mine, but finance is such a broad and important area that it’s hard not to be intrigued by it. LSEG seemed like the perfect combination of both these interests. I also felt that working for a financial organisation would offer me a wider range of opportunities than I’d be able to have with a standalone technology firm."

“My first role was in software development with the Risk Technology division. It was a steep learning curve as I was entrusted with major projects very much from day one. It also meant I was given a lot of flexibility in managing my own time and resources. A lot of the work involved collaborating with other developers within various areas of the LSEG business. While I was working mainly with JAVA, which I was familiar with, I was also introduced to a number of different programming tools. I learnt an incredible amount in those first six months."

“Perhaps the best thing about the graduate programme is the range of options that are open to you. LSEG comprises many different companies within the same group, so you automatically have the chance to work with any of them. The whole point of the scheme is to try to move you across different teams, to widen your knowledge and to help you build relationships with as many people as possible."

“While I’m still only on my second rotation, the programme has already exceeded all my expectations. I’m hoping to spend time in a business-facing role for my third placement and have been exploring the possibility of moving to a business analyst position overseas in the autumn. Opportunities like this these help you develop as a fully-rounded professional, which is really important when you’re starting out and deciding who you want to be."

“The culture of where I work is also important to me. I want to be in an environment where I’m not afraid to go and talk to people if I have a problem or if I’m struggling with something. I’ve definitely found this to be the case here – while they like to give you responsibility, you always have a team around you for support if you need it. People here also appreciate the fact that you have a life outside of work. I love to go and see movies or play basketball with friends after work; unless you’re coming up to a deadline, there’s usually time to relax at the end of the day"