Information Services

  • Information that powers markets

The Information Services provided by London Stock Exchange Group are critical to the way in which markets function around the world.

The best-known and most obvious way in which we support the financial system is through market data such as share-price movements and the delivery of real-time news. We also supply ‘reference’ data – the information that uniquely identifies any instruments that are being traded.

There are, however, other vitally important elements to our business.

Few exchanges have their own indices, but the FTSE Russell brand is renowned internationally and our presence in benchmarking and indices is stronger than ever.

We also provide analytics and software solutions that help clients reconcile their systems and meet compliance and post-trade requirements.  Our technology is designed to help both sell side and buy side clients address the increasing demands of regulators.

Different roles, different locations

With the wide range of products and services that we provide for clients internationally, there may well be opportunities for graduates to travel and there will certainly be a wide variety of potential work. Some roles are more technically focused, some revolve around business analysis and product management, while others are more client-facing sales roles.

On a rotation in Information Services, you will receive excellent on-the-job training. In technical roles, you will of course be given a good understanding of our products and the impact they have in the markets to. It’s possible to start making a real contribution from the very first day.

In sales, you will have the opportunity to be right at the centre of the business. You’ll shadow one of our existing salespeople and, as you build confidence and experience, may well be able to close a deal and manage your own account.

Growth and possibilities

The trend in markets such as benchmark indices is towards increasing globalisation and London Stock Exchange Group is extremely well positioned to take advantage of the changes ahead. Another driving force is greater regulation, which has a strong impact on the growth of our analytics business and the delivery of market data. As the Group continues to expand, graduates will be able to take advantage of a wealth of opportunities in the coming years.