Maria Salamanca

Maria Salamanca



MSc Management: Imperial College Business School

BA Political Science and Combined Studies: Richmond, the American International University in London


  • First: Public Affairs
  • Second: Product Management, Monte Titoli
  • Third: International Business Development, Primary Markets
  • Permanent role: Strategic Planning

My rotations were all very different:  I started in Public Affairs in London, then moved to Post Trade working in Milan, and then back to London to work in International Business Development in International Equity Primary Markets. Following the programme I began my permanent role in Strategic Planning.

I came in open to exploring, and I have gained a full picture of how an exchange works. My academic background is in Political Science and I have certainly been able to use those skills – my first placement in Public Affairs gave me the opportunity to work with key clients, think tanks and public officials.

My second placement was in Post Trade, which was a completely new area for me. Post-trade is not something they teach at business school, so you will not learn about it unless you are in the role. Not only was the topic a completely new one to me, but it also required me to move to Italy for six months.  I didn’t speak a word of Italian, but it was one of the best experiences of my life both in a work and in a personal sense. In that placement, I had the opportunity to do a little bit of everything including network management, operations and even marketing.

Working in Primary Markets, in my third placement, was very exciting because it is where you really make a connection between finance and the real economy. I met with companies who were coming to list and raise capital in London and in the process I learned about different industries, like mining and oil and gas. This placement also allowed me to build external relationships with companies and advisors.

I have now transitioned to a permanent role in Strategic Planning where all of my previous experiences are coming together and alongside my team, I am taking a development view of the business going forward. A role in Strategy opens up opportunities of all kinds - who knows what kind of knowledge you will accumulate?

I applied to the Graduate Programme because LSEG is a well-known brand, sitting at the centre of the capital markets in Europe and globally, and it’s so much more than trading and listing – we work with technology, information services, international relations and more.

I joined the Group because of the rotational structure of the programme. I think it’s important to have wide exposure to different parts of the business, so that you can see what you like. I came in without any preconceptions and that openness allowed me to learn about various parts of the business as well discovering new things about myself. And of course, you can expect that rotational opportunities will be tailored to your strengths and your potential. I loved every rotation.

In terms of the culture within LSEG, you can expect that as a graduate you will receive a lot of support, and be encouraged to continually perform to the highest standards.  Management is very committed to helping graduates develop as many skills as they can. This is a place where you can gain exposure to different parts of the business and you’ll see the product of your work. Even though you won’t always know what’s coming next, you’ll always have responsibility for your work and control over your projects.