Meet Daiana

  • Meet Daiana
  • Studied Cybernetics, Statistics and Economics Informatics at Bucharest Academy of Economics Studies
  • Joined in September 2018

 “I’ve always been a very analytical person and have enjoyed working with numbers. Finance was an industry that appealed to me from an early age. It was also important to me to have an international career and to be able to see different parts of the world.

“Attending the LSEG assessment centre immediately gave me the sense that this was a global organisation. The managers who interviewed me were drawn from all over the world, and it was clear that the Group had a very strong multinational identity.

“My two rotations so far have been with LCH. The company is part of LSEG’s Post Trade Services division, and provides clearing and settlement services to market participants all over the world. My first placement in LCH’s finance department involved helping to validate the financial models that the company uses to assess and control risk. We were working to bring these models into line with new financial regulation and market developments.

“I’ve recently joined the Equities Business and Planning team for my second rotation. It’s a very different kind of role: we’re evaluating the needs of customers who use LCH’s services, and then using this information to improve our service offering and to make new additions to our product range. I’m responsible for analysing client data and then delivering my findings to key decision-makers across the Group. I’m getting to develop a lot of different skill sets, which is fantastic.

“I’ve really enjoyed working closely with senior people. The fact that you’ve only just left university doesn’t count against you; your opinions are valued, and you have the same responsibilities and deadlines as everybody else. There’s support when you need it. People are extremely busy but they will always make time for you.

“Looking ahead, I can see the Group continuing to grow and expand its business overseas. I’m really interested in emerging markets. Coming from Latin America, there are going to be exciting opportunities for people like myself who know what it’s like to live and work in developing economies. I’m hoping to play an important role in LSEG’s future.”