Our voice service, STX, is the essential voice network and trading platform bringing over 150 member firms and industry professionals from across the UK, Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands to create a community of over 5000 users.

Widely used and valued, STX supports a range of business activities, allowing business partners to tailor and transact what are often complex and highly customised ad-hoc transactions. Benefits include:

  • Fast - STX enables you to reach anybody on the network through five-digit dialing
  • Secure - Regulated by the Group, STX is designed to deliver the financial community’s need for privacy and confidentiality. A cost-effective disaster recovery solution is also available
  • Easy - STX lines can be integrated into any type or size of network and configured to meet your needs. Available in digital or analogue formats, STX can be connected to a telephone handset even if you don't have a PABX, switchboard or dealerboard

STX users pay a one-off connection charge and a flat annual fee – regardless of how many calls you make. The STX Directory contains a complete list of all STX users.