Turquoise Membership

  • Membership


  • Turquoise membership is available to companies only; applications from individuals cannot be accepted.
  • Applicants should be authorised as an investment firm or credit institution in the European Economic Area (European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).
  • Firms authorised in other jurisdictions or non-authorised firms may also apply for membership in certain circumstances – please contact the Membership Team for details.
  • All member firms need to understand and comply with the Turquoise Rules.

 Clearing and Settlement

  • Members need to have appropriate clearing and settlement arrangements in place for their trading activities.
  • Turquoise operates an interoperable clearing model for the pan European equity trading service providing members with flexibility in choosing the most efficient clearing solution for their business.
  • The Membership Team can provide contact details of accredited clearing and settlement providers on Turquoise. Please click here for a list of providers.

 Connectivity & Trading Software

  • We offer a range of solutions to connect to our markets with different levels of management and performance, ranging from full host-to-host solutions to third party proprietary networks.
  • In addition, you can either certify in-house trading applications to work with our trading system or use any accredited software provider.

Get started

Become a member in only three steps:

  1. Apply by submitting your Turquoise Membership Application Form and Membership Agreement with supporting documents.
  2. Prepare your trading connection and post-trade arrangements.
  3. Go Live - upon approval of your application, you can arrange a live date with the Membership Team.