Russia and IOB Derivatives

  • Russia and International Order Book Index Derivatives

Turquoise is firmly established as the leading international marketplace for Russian Equity & Index derivatives.

Since 2006, our service, formally EDX, allows a wide range of international counterparties to trade IOB Derivatives. Participants benefit from  both onscreen order book and the flexibility offered by our cleared only  service, all backed by the security of central counterparty clearing with  LCH.Clearnet (LCH).

FTSE Russia IOB Index is a market-cap weighted Index in USD, designed to measure the performance of the 15 largest Russian DRs trading  on the LSE International Order Book (IOB).

Trading Hours

IOB Indices Open Close
FTSE RIOB futures 08:15 16:00*
FTSE RIOB options 08:15 15:30
FTSE RIOB trade reporting 07:30 17:30
All times shown are London times
*Closes at 15:30 on Expiry day

 Expiry Cycles


First four quarterly Contracts of "March, June, September, December‟ cycle.

 Contract Specifications

Turquoise Derivatives Contract Specification FTSE Russia IOB Index Futures

Turquoise Derivatives Contract Specification FTSE Russia IOB Index Options

Corporate Actions

Turquoise applies clear guidelines to determine how a corporate action event affects the derivative contracts - find out more.


IOB Index Derivatives Factsheet