UK Equity Derivatives

UK Equity Derivatives

UK Single Stock Options

UK Single Stock Options

Options trade reporting is now available on Turquoise for 19 UK single stock names.

As the most liquid stocks in the mining, oil and gas, and utility sectors, the initial names have been chosen to complement existing sectors popular for trading on Turquoise IOB Derivatives.

Members holding positions after trading on Turquoise can benefit from margin netting at LCH.Clearnet, effectively reducing their position’s cost of funding versus other correlated derivatives of the same sector. The positions held with LCH.Clearnet can obtain significant cross-margining offset with current IOB and Norwegian stock derivatives, due to the sector focus.

Moreover, trades will benefit from trading within the rules and pricing of TQ Derivatives: no minimum size for block trading through the trade reporting facility, and convenient pricing for low premium options due to the % of premium fee schedule.

Cleared only service

Flexible features allow participants to report:

  • Strike price in pence, up to 2 decimal places and premium in pence up to 2 decimal places.
  • Any London Stock Exchange UK trading day as the expiration day up to 5 years.

Trading Hours 

  Open Close
Single stock options 07:30 17:30
All times shown are London times

Contract Specifications

Contract Specification UK Single Stock Options

Corporate Actions

Turquoise applies clear guidelines to determine how a corporate action event affects the derivative contracts - find out more.

Stamp Duty Relief

SDRT form for UK single stock options


UK Single Stock Options Factsheet