MTS Repo

MTS Repo unites over 150 unique participants across Europe, including international and domestic banks and institutional buy‐side clients, to offer significant liquidity across all the eurozone repo markets.

The platform delivers an efficient order‐driven market place for repo agreements and buy/sellbacks, along with RFQ and OTC booking functionalities. The depth of counterparties and range of instruments combined with the transparency our pricing has made it a benchmark electronic trading venue for the European repo market.

RepoFunds Rate, a series of daily euro repo indices and historical analysis from MTS and BrokerTec, is publicly available on the new website at

Benefits include:

  • Deep liquidity for both cash investors and specific bond traders
  • Extensive member and settlement network
  • Comprehensive support for all repo contracts
  • Regulated market and OTC booking mechanism
  • Fully flexible and open architecture technology
  • Fully automated settlement and connectivity to clearing houses

To find out more about MTS Repo and to download a brochure, please visit the MTS website.