London Stock Exchange: Become a Member

London Stock Exchange: Become a Member

Why become a member?

As a London Stock Exchange member firm you can trade in a range of financial products directly on our trading platforms, including UK and international cash equities, exchange traded products, derivatives, depositary receipts, bonds and structured products. Membership provides the lowest latency access to our trading systems.

Our members form a network of over 350 trading participants, with a diverse range of firms including banks, agency brokers, market makers, proprietary traders and retail stockbrokers.  

All our members can benefit from reduced real time data fees and financial incentives are available to brokers, market makers and proprietary traders. In addition, members may be eligible for relief from Stamp Duty Reserve Tax.

Existing members of Turquoise can arrange fast-track access to London Stock Exchange and may be able to use existing connectivity and trading software for seamless access.

How to become a member


  • LSE membership is available to companies only; applications from individuals cannot be accepted.
  • Applicants should be authorised as an investment firm or credit institution in the United Kingdom; applications from firms authorised in the European Area, Hong Kong, Switzerland and certain other jurisdictions may also be accepted.
  • Firms authorised in other jurisdictions or non-authorised firms may also apply for membership in certain circumstances – please contact the Membership Team for details.
  • All member firms need to understand and comply with the London Stock Exchange’s Rules.

Clearing and Settlement

  • Members need to have appropriate clearing and settlement arrangements in place for their trading activities.
  • For trading on SETS, we offer a choice of central counterparties that you can access directly or via a third party provider (a general clearing member).
  • The Membership Team can provide contact details of accredited clearing and settlement providers on LSE markets. Please click here for a list of providers.

Connectivity & Trading Software

We offer a range of solutions to connect to our markets with different levels of management and performance, ranging from full host-to-host solutions to third party proprietary networks.

In addition, you can either certify in-house trading applications to work with our trading system or use any accredited software provider.

Get started

Become a member in only three steps:

  1. Apply by submitting your Membership Application Form and Trading Services Order Form with any supporting documents.
  2. Prepare your trading connection and post-trade arrangements.
  3. Go Live - upon approval of your application, you can arrange a live date with the Membership Team.