Itemised Trading Charges

Itemised Trading Charges

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Detailed trading charge information is essential in helping our members to see a complete picture of their trading activity. ITC (Itemised Trading ChargesTM) is a free service which offers members:

  • Access to reports on exchange charge, order execution and management charges for the past twelve months, across a broad range of markets
  • The ability to see the detail behind invoices received
  • The opportunity to investigate and analyse extensive data on trading activity via a user-friendly and secure service, without the need for additional infrastructure
  • Valuable information for management and financial reporting purposes
  • Opportunities to further enhance efficiencies as a result of access to increased information on current trading activity
  • Access over the internet, with the facility to download and analyse data.

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Please note: For Customer Support for this product, please contact or call +44 (0) 20 7797 3232.