Why London?

Why London?

London Stock Exchange is one of the world's most international capital markets, home to almost 3,100 companies from more than 70 countries around the world. Almost 700 of these companies are international.

London's position at the heart of the global financial community is one of the reasons that so many international companies choose to join our markets. Many of the world’s leading investment houses and financial institutions are based here, while London's professional investors are known for their outward-looking approach, offering companies from around the world access to a deep and wide pool of investment capital.

London Stock Exchange's markets are specifically designed to cater for the particular needs of different companies, offering the widest choice of routes to market. With access to an unrivalled network of sophisticated investors and professional advisers, London offers proven, cost-effective capital raising opportunities to companies.

Getting the most out of being on-market

From information and statistics through to ongoing relationship management, the Exchange offers a range of core and specialist products and services designed to help companies achieve the most from being on-market.

Dedicated relationship management

Your relationship manager will keep you updated with forthcoming events and emerging industry developments, as well as meeting your company’s management on a regular basis and offering ongoing support.

Regulatory News Service (RNS)

RNS is our regulatory and financial communications channel for companies to communicate with their investors.

Capital Markets Events

Bringing investors and companies together in a highly effective setting.

The Media and Business Complex

A City of London venue specifically designed to meet business and media needs, and well-known as the location for several market news TV programmes. Available to companies as a venue for staging their own events such as annual results, investor road shows as well as their own corporate events.

Fees calculator

Estimate your joining and annual Exchange fees.

Brand Marks

We have created brand marks for companies to use to promote their quotation and showcase their association with London Stock Exchange.

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