About the Professional Securities Market

The Professional Securities Market is an innovative, specialised market designed to suit the specific needs of issuers. Raising raising capital through the issue of specialist debt securities or depositary receipts (DRs) to professional investors.

Companies wishing to raise capital may do so without the additional cost of following a retail or full equity disclosure regime.

As a listed, exchange-regulated market, the Professional Securities Market enables issuers to enjoy the benefits of a flexible regulatory environment.

Issuers of debt or DRs are not required to report historical financial information to IFRS or an equivalent standard, either in listing documents or as a continuing obligation. Instead, issuers can use their domestic accounting standards.

The Professional Securities Market is one of our suite of markets for issuers and is operated within the scope of our status as a Recognised Investment Exchange. The UK Listing Authority approves the listing particulars of issuers choosing to join the Professional Securities Market, and admits the securities to the Official List. Companies then apply to the Exchange for admission to trading.

Issuers on the Professional Securities Market benefit from:

  • access to Europe’s largest and widest pool of capital
  • the opportunity for real liquidity based on our world class trading services, such as our International Order Book (IOB), the world’s leading trading platform for DRs
  • raising their profile and visibility through a listing on a public market
  • increased investor confidence via London's respected listing standards
  • access to London's skill pool, including international advisers and investment banks
  • a time-zone at the centre of the global business day.