Being on AIM

Being on AIM

AIM Resources

AIM’s success is underpinned by its regulatory framework, which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of small and mid cap growing companies while offering appropriate investor protection. AIM also benefits from being an integral part of the portfolio of markets offered by London Stock Exchange. The entry criteria for AIM are tailored for growing companies and once admitted to AIM, the ongoing responsibilities continue to remain straightforward and are aimed at encouraging growth.

Full AIM Rules for companies and advisers can be found in our AIM Resources.

AIM supports business growth by providing

  • a framework that facilities acquisitions using your companies quoted shares as currency
  • access to a knowledgeable advisory community experienced in supporting smaller businesses
  • the ability to put in place equity incentive schemes to attract and retain key staff, encouraging the long term motivation and commitment of employees.

AIM Rules

AIM has its own rulebooks for companies and Nomads, that consist of rules, schedules and guidance notes. The rules have been written in a clear and concise manner, to make them transparent and easy to understand for all market participants. The rulebooks are updated via a consultation between the Exchange and the AIM community, to ensure they remain appropriate and pragmatic for growing companies.

AIM Notices

London Stock Exchange issues notices to inform AIM market participants of rule consultations, rule confirmations, post-consultation guidance on regulatory matters and any administrative matters relating to the operation of the market. In addition to the AIM Notices, London Stock Exchange issues notices concerning secondary market rules and regulatory issues that may impact AIM companies.

AIM Regulation

AIM companies and Nomads are regulated by a dedicated team at London Stock Exchange - AIM Regulation.

AIM Regulation is a team of professionals including lawyers, accountants and corporate financiers, responsible for:

  • providing advice and guidance on the AIM rules
  • monitoring and investigating AIM companies’ compliance with the regulations
  • approving and monitoring Nomads
  • development of the AIM rules.

Find out more about AIM's Regulatory Landscape.

Contacting AIM Regulation

AIM Regulation provides an e-mail enquiry and telephone service for Nomads, as they are the primary regulators of AIM companies. In exceptional circumstances, AIM Regulation is able to deal with queries from an AIM company’s other advisers, such as lawyers and accountants, or from the company itself.

Regulation S

Regulation S establishes criteria pursuant to which certain companies are permitted to conduct their initial public offerings outside the USA without registration under the US Securities Act. One of these criteria is that companies have adequate protective measures in place to ensure that US investors do not purchase their securities during the “distribution compliance period”, usually a period of one to two years.

As Regulation S is a restriction under the US Securities Act, companies required to comply with such regulation should seek appropriate legal advice in conjunction with advice from their Nomads.