Your introduction to the financial markets

This online course is dedicated to those who are interested in understanding the basics of the financial markets and of the most common financial instruments.

It is particularly suitable for professionals starting their careers in financial services or for those who simply wish to reacquaint themselves with our markets.

The course can be completed within 6 months (180 days) from activation. After that time your credentials will be no longer valid.

The course attracts CPD points and is organised in 14 modules for more that 5 hours overall. The first 12 modules are for beginners, while the last two modules are at an intermediate level.

The modules cover the following aspects:

Module 1 - Introduction to the main operations of the LSEG

Module 2 - Types of participants

Module 3 - Types of Equity

Module 4 - Understanding the price of an equity

Module 5 - Types of secondary markets

Module 6 - Types of Bonds

Module 7 - Bond Price sensitivity measure

Module 8 - Types of Derivatives

Module 9 - Derivative Applications

Module 10 - ETFs, CFDs, GDRs versus Equities

Module 11 - Buying and selling Securities

Module 12 - Mechanics of Trading and Investing

Module 13 - An overview of Portfolio Theory and CAPM

Module 14 - Time Value of Money