What is the tournament supporting?

The tournament is supporting two separate initiatives; the proceeds raised from the event will go to the LSEG Foundation, established to provide funds for projects in local communities we operate in. Additionally, we will be looking for support for All Schools, developed by the Rugby Foundation Union (RFU) to increase the amount of rugby in schools, and to encourage new players to join local clubs.

What is Touch?

Touch is a non-contact version of rugby that instead emphasises agility, passing and catching. It’s very easy to grasp even if it will be your first time playing - after a few minutes it will be clear.

What are the rules?

The rules can be found here.

Is it not a contact sport?

No – Touch was created to avoid tackling, and instead emphasises agility, passing and catching.

What do I bring?

You will need to bring the kit we provide for you and suitable footwear and a change of clothes. We will provide water, snacks, facilities and all other equipment on the day while playing, and afterwards refreshments will be provided.

Do I have to be fit?

All you have to do to get involved is a pair of trainers! The games are short and the pitches are small, but should you get tired there are substitutes for each team.

Where do I go on the day?

Directions to Allianz park can be found here

How can I bid at the auction?

Please see the auction page for details of how and when you can bid and the auction lots.