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The Event

The Event

Touch Rugby Tournament 2017

The event

  • Event schedule (subject to confirmation)
  • Tournament 4pm - 8.30pm (after event 8.30pm - 11.30pm)
  • Games will be played at the Honourable Artillery Company’s (HAC) grounds, near Old Street Station in the heart of the City of London
  • After the tournament, sponsors and teams will be invited to a post-tournament event meal in the Long Room at the HAC, comprising a prize giving ceremony, charity raffle and auction

Team entry

The tournament will be formed of 28 teams, each consisting of 10 players. There will be six players, including at least two male and female on the pitch at all times, as well as four substitutes. Should a team play with less than two men or women on the field at any time, one player will be removed from the field of play for every male or female player they are short. The games will be played at the Honourable Artillery Company's grounds.

We would like each team to provide an item for the charity auction.

The rules

  • Each game is of at least 8 minutes duration with no half time
  • There will be six players on the pitch at any one time and up to four rolling substitutes. Each team is required to have a minimum of two members of each gender on the field at any one point in time
  • Should a team play with less than two women on the field, one player will be removed from the field-of-play for every woman they are short. For example, should a team have four men and one woman on the field at a given time, the sixth person must be a female
  • Play starts and restarts at the centre spot with a 'Tap’. This is performed by moving the ball on the ground with the foot, free from the hands, and then picking it up. Penalties are performed by the same procedure. On both a Re-Start and Penalty Tap the defending team must retreat at least 10 metres
  • A try is scored by grounding the ball on, or behind, the try-line. One point is awarded
  • A legal Touch is on any part of the body, clothing and ball. A player may claim a Touch by raising a hand and shouting, "Touch". The referee is the sole judge of the Touch and has the discretion to overrule a claim. An attacking player may affect a Touch by deliberately touching the opposition
  • When Touched, the player in possession must place the ball on the ground at the exact point of the Touch. Play is re-started by stepping over the ball; it can be controlled with a hand or foot. This is known as a 'Roll Ball'. The ball may not roll more than a metre. A player may not perform a Roll Ball unless Touched
  • The player picking up the ball (the dummy-half or acting half) may run, but if Touched a changeover occurs. The dummy-half may not score and a changeover (Roll Ball) will be awarded if this occurs
  • After six touches possession changes. The attacking team begins play with a Roll Ball at the point of Touch six
  • Roll Ball - all defending players must retire more than five metres in line with the mark of the Touch. The defending team cannot move forward until play restarts, nor interfere with play whilst retreating
  • A restart occurs the moment the ball is tapped or the dummy-half touches the ball at the Roll Ball. If there is no dummy-half in position (within one metre of the mark) defenders may advance from an on-side position
  • If the attacking player, when making a quick start, is Touched by an off-side defender, play is allowed to continue. If an attacking side gains no advantage, a Penalty Tap for the first down will be given
  • When a Roll Ball is taken within five metres of the Try-Line the defending players must retreat with both feet behind their Try-Line before they can make the Touch. If a player is Touched in the Touchdown zone before grounding the ball, the Touch counts and play is restarted at the five-metre line. At all times no team may delay the game by deliberately delaying a Roll Ball
  • If the ball is dropped or if a player crosses the sideline before being Touched, change of possession will occur. This is by means of a 'first down' Roll Ball
  • A penalty is awarded for the following infringements; offside play, performing a roll ball forward of the mark, claiming a 'Touch' when none was made, interfering with the roll ball (running around the Ruck) and passing the ball once Touched
  • When a penalty is awarded, the referee must show the exact mark from where the tap ball must be taken. The referee will advance 10 metres from where the infringement occurred. The defending team must retire 10 metres from the mark or behind the Try-Line
  • If the defending team drops the ball or it is intentionally knocked down, the attacking team starts from a 'first down' roll ball
  • The principle of advantage will be applied
  • No obstruction, excessive contact, verbal abuse or foul play will be tolerated. The referee is sole judge
  • A penalty will be awarded in such cases and a player can receive two minutes in the sin bin. Serious or continual foul play of any nature will result in the player being dismissed without a replacement
  • Teams will be pre-allocated to their pool and shall play each other to determine who goes through to the knock out stages; runners up to the Plate finals and pool winners to Cup. Two points shall be awarded for a win, one for a draw. All matches shall kick off at the allotted time and it is each teams' responsibility to be at the allocated pitch at least two minutes before kick off with the first named having choice of ends or tap. If any team does not arrive on time then once one minute has elapsed beyond the start time, the team present may (at the Tournament Director’s discretion) be awarded the points with a 5-0 try count.
  • In the event of a tie, league positions will be determined by number of wins in the pool. In the event of equal wins then by tries scored and if still tied, by the result between the tied teams and finally by toss of a coin. If two teams are tied at full time in the knock out stages, the winner will be determined by the first try scored in five minute intervals of added time
  • On all issues the Tournament Director's decision is final