Meet some of the companies on London Stock Exchange's AIM

Meet some of the companies on London Stock Exchange's AIM

Team 17

Debbie Bestwick is no ‘n00b’[1]. She has wanted to be in the gaming world since she was 12. Her hair is purple and she is a gaming fanatic. Not your average CEO, you might think. But it’s not slick suits and slick charts that matters to investors on London Stock Exchange, AIM market. What matters is how good you are at what you love doing. 

As a result, when her company joined London Stock Exchange's market for smaller growing companies, AIM, it was very popular. Lots of people bought shares, which meant the company raised the money to pay back the money they had borrowed to get started. They were also able  to reward their hardworking team, and to make sure the team keep getting rewarded in the future by giving them a share in the business.

This was no overnight success. The company was founded in 1990. But it has kept coming up with new ideas and now has over 100 video games, including ones it made itself and games that small developers had created that deserve recognition.

DID YOU KNOW: there are more than 2.5bn gamers across the world. Companies are more attractive to investors if they have lots of potential customers.

Hotel Chocolat

Angus and Peter’s first idea was providing peppermints for people in business meetings. But once that fizzy feeling in your mouth has gone, it’s forgotten. What they needed was something with an emotional connection. Something that they could get creative with. The answer (obvious, really) was chocolate.

But chocolate is still just chocolate. So they came up with a cool name: Hotel Chocolat (notice the ‘e’ has gone, so you have to say it in a smooth French accent). Now they weren’t just selling chocolate, they were giving people an experience of luxury. It was hard work, but the business was a great success.

Angus and Peter spent many years ploughing their profits back into the business but eventually they wanted to raise some money for themselves and their families. So they decided to sell some shares to other people, through AIM, London Stock Exchange's market for smaller growing companies. It was very popular with investors who decided, correctly, that with more financial resources, Hotel Chocolat would be able to make even more chocolate, and even more people would buy it. 

Hotel Chocolat didn’t want to only sell chocolate, they wanted to grow their own cocoa farm so raised capital from investors and bought land in the Caribbean.

Angus says: “Listing on the London Stock Exchange has helped raise our profile as a British success story.”

[1] Gamer slang for newbie, someone who is new to online gaming.