Women In Finance Charter

"Working together to build a balanced and fair industry"

At London Stock Exchange Group, we believe that having a diverse workforce is critical for our continued success. We recognise that diversity and leveraging the power of our global workforce is a key driver for development and innovation, delivering benefits for our customers, our people and our investors alike.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, with significant operations in North America, Italy, France and Sri Lanka, the Group employs approximately 5000 people. Today, our colleague-base reflects 55 different nationalities, testament to both the international scale of our business, and the diversity of our customer base. Five nationalities are represented on our Executive Committee alone.

Our commitment to the UK Treasury Women in Finance Charter

“At LSEG we are very proud of our commitment to improve diversity and inclusion, not only within the Group but across the sectors and communities in which we operate.  We recognise that progress has been made but we still have some distance to go.  The finance sector can no longer refuse or deny the crystal clear rationale of greater diversity and representation at the top, middle and entry roles of our industry.  We have signed this charter to signal our ongoing commitment to equality in the work place and to actively challenge ourselves and others in the financial sector to keep addressing these issues. Partnering with HM Treasury to be completely transparent in our efforts is a vital move to ensure the UK finance sector makes real progress.” David Warren, Interim CEO and CFO

Aspirational targets

We have set ourselves a stretch target of 40% female representation for senior management and our overall population. We aim to achieve this by 2020. Our Group overall female representation in September 2016 stood at 30%. Similarly, 30% of our senior management team at the same time were female. We expected progress to be shown towards 2020 reflecting the outcomes of significant support and focus on this agenda.

September 2017 update

Since our commitment to sign up to the Women in Finance Charter our overall headcount has increased by just over 40%.  We therefore delighted to report that our female representation has increased to 32% of our senior management and this figure is the same for our overall population.  We recognise we have some way to go to achieve 40% but feel a promising start was made.