Inside the Markets

Inside the Markets

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8 September 2014

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This three hour seminar is delivered by experts from within London Stock Exchange and provides an overview of how mature equity markets function, from companies raising capital to how shares are traded, as well as explaining some of the City jargon and seeing live market screens

Why attend?

The course aims to build a framework for understanding:

  • The role of London Stock Exchange in the context of the UK financial services industry
  • How, where and why UK and international companies are listed and admitted to trading

Inside the Markets seeks to bring the financial markets to life and breaks down some of the myths for those who may not have been exposed to the sector previously. The seminar will include the use of live market data and interactive discussions on topics such as:

  • Why companies float on a Stock Exchange
  • How shares are traded
  • How the finance markets work, and what sort of organisations are involved
  • What is insider trading and how is it dealt with?
  • Review and analysis of recent cases

Who should attend?

This is an ideal course for private investors, students in Finance or anybody new to the Financial Services industry seeking an introduction to today's Capital Markets.


London Stock Exchange
10 Paternoster Square