Financial Instruments Database

Monte Titoli provides, directly or via Borsa Italiana, a wide range of data and information on financial instruments, both centralised and otherwise.

In the context of the services managed by Monte Titoli, the A.T.I.E. Service (Register of Blocked and Drawn Securities) collects and issues information on mislaid, stolen or reported financial instruments or those affected by attachment orders, as well as those drawn for premiums and redemptions by the issuers of government and corporate bonds.

The ATIE Service is made up of the following procedures:

  • A.T.I. - Register of Blocked Securities: collects and issues information on all financial instruments;
  • A.T.E. - Register of Drawn Securities: collects and issues information on financial instruments subject to drawing issued by those who participate in the centralised administration service or are clients of the A.T.I.E. service.

Borsa Italiana has created a database containing the collection of regulations for the main bond loans centralised with Monte Titoli S.p.A..
The database contains over 50,000 regulations which are updated on a daily basis with all the new bond issues centralised with Monte Titoli and the ABS.
The database may be displayed in full or there are numerous search options available for use: ISIN code, description of the security, issuer's ABI (sort) code, description of issuer, security's expiry date and start of interest entitlement.

The service offered by Borsa Italiana allows access to the database.