One of the best ways to manage risk is to get your reconciliation processes right. But the challenge is to find a solution that reduces your risk exposure and makes your business more efficient at the same time. That’s where UnaVista can help.

Reduce your operational costs

Because UnaVista is hosted, it eliminates the costs of supporting other in-house systems and your own IT teams, making your department much more efficient. And by reducing the number of exceptions, it reduces the chances of costly errors being discovered too late, or worse, not being discovered at all – mistakes that can lead to substantial fines from regulators and damage your reputation.

Catch exceptions early

UnaVista validates and matches all your data as soon as it arrives in the system, then flags up exceptions straight away. It can also process data in any format, which makes importing it quick and easy. As a result, the only exceptions it flags up are genuine ones – saving your back-office teams a lot of time.

Bring all your systems together

Matching data from several systems can be slow and expensive. It also requires a lot of manual checks, which introduces the risk of human error. However, UnaVista can match data from several sources, which means that you can bring all your reconciliation systems together onto one platform.

Know what’s happening in your business all the time

As well as giving you a centralised framework for your reconciliations, UnaVista lets you take a snapshot of all your data at any time. Its dashboards and management information give you deeper insight and greater transparency than other systems, helping you to make improvements in your reconciliation processes. It’s also fully auditable, so you can check back over any aspect of your data later on.


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