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GATElab Limited is part of London Stock Exchange Group. Originally founded in 1989 by Ferdinando La Posta and Antonio Caroselli, it provides solutions to Buy-Sides, Sell-Sides and Exchanges: i.e. Traderpath, the GATElab front end solution, is used by London Stock Exchange Group for the Italian and UK derivatives markets and the Italian equity and bond market, and Oslo Bourse.

Products and services

  • Multi-asset class electronic trading platforms
  • Ultra low latency pre-trade risk market adapters (with or without FPGA hardware)
  • Smart order routing for different asset classes
  • Co-locatable and distributable algorithmic trading platform
  • Matching engine for internalization and MTFs
  • Post trading deal capture & cross asset margining


  • OMS/EMS for equity and derivatives with algo support for standard and proprietary strategies
  • Smart order routing for bonds in OTC and regulated markets. Routing rules built with algos.
  • High frequency trading risk gateway (soft and hardware)

Market making

  • MM and hedging in derivatives and bonds markets via distributed collocated quoting and algo services
  • Arbitrage and trading activities (i.e. pairs and spread trading) in different markets via distributed collocated algo services

Post trading

  • Deal Capture - regulated and OTC markets, brokers, real time feeding in external position keeping systems such as: Murex, Kondor+
  • Low latency post-trade cross asset margining (equities, future and forex)
  • MiFID services for post trade transparency and transaction reporting