UnaVista Shareholder Disclosures

Regulators across the globe mandate shareholding disclosure requirements for investors, for the purposes of monitoring substantial ownership, a merger or acquisition interest, or a takeover bid. 

UnaVista Shareholder Disclosure solution provides investors with a simple way to automatically calculate, produce  and track disclosures across multiple geographies. 

The solution allows firms to import their data from multiple source formats, validate and enrich it, before UnaVista automatically calculates the voting rights aggregates across all entities and determines which need reporting.

Fulfil all of your global disclosure needs

UnaVista can help your firm with your disclosure requirements across multiple geographies, providing one interface to address them all. This means you don’t need to build the connections and work in the specified formats of multiple global regulators, but can take advantage of UnaVista connections.

Click on the links below to get a summary of each regulation.

Automation to help you improve operational efficiency

UnaVista can automate the disclosure process helping improve speed of reporting and reduce errors. UnaVista will automatically calculate of your aggregate positions, create alerts based on tailored thresholds and generate disclosure reports tailored to the requirements of each regulator. 

Flexible enough to work in a way that suits you

UnaVista can accept data in any format from multiple source systems making it easy for you to collate your data in one view. There are also flexible rules and thresholds that you control, so you can work in the way that suits your business. In addition manual search and edit of the underlying data is available, so you can fine tune the system and reduce the number of false positives.

Enrich with LSEG’s reference data

UnaVista can help you improve your data or fill in missing gaps through the London Stock Exchange’s reference data sources such as SEDOL Masterfile, ISINs, Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs)

Gain enhanced business insight

UnaVista’s customisable management dashboards give you an overview across all of your business, presenting you with key information on trends and risk.

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