CAT Accelerator Programme


View a short video of how the CAT Accelerator can help you prepare for go-live

SEC Rule 613 Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) will see firms implementing new operational, compliance, governance and technology procedures to support the upcoming reporting obligation. The Deloitte consultancy and UnaVista technology collaboration offers a unique program to aid firms in the preparation for the CAT regulation. Analyzing the existing reporting infrastructure and running specific data points through a gap analysis and validation engine, firms are able to identify the technical, operational and governance procedures they need to introduce or remodel to meet the CAT reporting obligation.

CAT Accelerator Program is designed to help firms get their data, systems and reports ready for the Consolidated Audit Trail. London Stock Exchange Group’s UnaVista have partnered with Deloitte to bring you this programme combining regulatory consultancy and award winning regulatory technology.

The program consists of three phases:

  1. Review - A complete review of your existing reporting infrastruture
  2. Analysis - UnaVista allows you to assess your data against the latest CAT spec
  3. Actions - Actionable outputs such as book of work and project costs and timelines.


As part of the program Deloitte and UnaVista will analyze your current state across existing regulatory regimes and identify opportunities for efficiency.

Current Application Landscape - Number of applications, type of applications, vendor specific components

Current Regulatory Reports - Anonymized sample and reports for OATS, EBS, LTR

Existing issues - Operational, technical and compliance pain points in current reporting process

Current Data Architecture - Data model and standards supporting regulatory reporting


The Accelerator tool rapidly assesses trade lifecycle and customer data from your existing reports against CAT requirements and identifies a prioritized set of data gaps by domain.

Reporting comparison - e.g. OATS, EBS, LTR vs CAT

Trade Lifecycle Data - Analysis on non-standard allocation insutruction and lineage

Customer Information - Analysis of new fields and identification of typical challenges in sourcing

CAT Heat Map - Identification of CAT implementation problem areas based on program assessment


Phase 1 - Gap analysis and recommendations

  • Regulatory compliance - Level of compliance with CAT
  • Process - e.g. on-boarding, lifecycle managment, allocation management
  • Technology implementation - e.g. architecture, design, system integration, tactical vs. strategic build
  • Data management - e.g. trade lifecycle data, customer data, data lineage, data warehouse
  • Controls - e.g. trade execution and pre-settlement processing
  • Organizational - e.g. governance, roles and responsibilities, training

Phase 2 - Project analysis

  • Size and scope - Key decisions and factors required for succesful implementation, Level 0 efford, synergies with exisiting reports, training
  • Time and cost - project timeline and associated cost

How the CAT Accelerator Programme can help

Identify challenges to compliance early

The CAT Accelerator Programme allows your firm to identify the key areas your business needs to address to completely and accurately support CAT in a timely fashion. It works as a project tool for you to prepare your data inline with the reporting requirements.

Use our regulatory experience

Your business will have access to Deloitte and London Stock Exchange’s decades of experience consulting and implementing global financial regulations.

Award winning regulatory technology

The Accelerator tool is built on London Stock Exchange Group’s UnaVista platform, an award winning regulatory reporting platform, assisting thousands of firms around the globe in report billions of transactions a year.

Access to market insight

Get insight into the how the market is dealing with Consolidated Audit Trail through Deloitte and LSEG’s experience of talking to the market.

Assess your readiness and build a plan

Get a rapid assessment and a bespoke plan of action across operations, technology, business, data and compliance. Including effective governance and operating models.

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