Derivatives Trade Reporting

Derivatives Trade Reporting

London Stock Exchange Derivatives Cleared only service offers reporting in a wide range of pre-arranged trades. Both in standard as well as non standard series through our "Tailor-Made service", all with the guarantee of CCP Clearing with LCH Clearnet.

Our Tailor-Made service provides added flexibility to tailor products to suit your needs

Members or reporting brokers must report:

  • Underlying
  • Instrument
  • Counterparty firm (unless performing a two-sided/ cross trade)
  • Trader name at counterparty firm (used for confirmation purposes and must be a London Stock Exchange Derivatives "Approved Trader")

In addition, members will also need to report the following flexible parameters:

  • Price/ Premium (configurable to more decimal places, product dependent)
  • Expiration (configurable to exact day)
  • Option exercise style (European or American style, product dependent)