MTS Indices

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MTS Indices (EuroMTS) are the first independent total-return indices measuring the performance of the largest and most widely-traded securities in the euro bond market.

The data underlying MTS Indices is drawn from real-time tradable prices on MTS.

The availability of executable bond prices from the underlying MTS market enables MTS Indices to offer a level of transparency and replicability that is unique in the bond markets.

The indices are benchmarked by more than EUR 400 billion in assets under management and serve as the reference for numerous financial instruments such as exchange traded funds (ETFs), structured products, bond funds and index certificates.

Indices offered:

  • EuroMTS Index (ex-CNO Etrix)
  • EuroMTS Government Broad Indices
  • EuroMTS Investment Grade Indices
  • Short EuroMTS Broad Indices
  • EuroMTS Inflation-Linked Indices
  • EuroMTS Highest-Rated Government Indices
  • EuroMTS Macro-Weighted Government Indices
  • EuroMTS Covered Bond Indices
  • EuroMTS Government Bill Index
  • EuroMTS Deposit Indices
  • MTS Italy Indices
  • MTS Italy ex-Bank of Italy Indices

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