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Main Market Admission Fees

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Admission Fees are payable on all applications for trading securities on our markets, including the Professional Securites Markets and Specialist Fund Market. Please use our fee calculator tool to correctly calculate fees.

Main Market Annual Fees

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Annual fees are payable by all companies which have either equity securities or certificates representing shares admitted to trading. Annual fees are billed in the first week of April
for the 12 months commencing 1 April and are collected by direct debit.

The annual fee is for each year or part thereof and is therefore not refundable, including where securities cease to be traded.

AIM Fees

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An admission fee is payable by all companies seeking admission to AIM or where an enlarged entity seeks admission to AIM following a reverse takeover under Rule 14 of the AIM Rules for Companies. The admission fee is based on the market capitalisation of the company on the day of admission.

To determine the admission fee:

  • locate the market capitalisation band of the securities to be admitted in column (a)
  • multiply any additional amount over the "greater than" figure by the corresponding figure in column (b)
  • add the result of this calculation to the maximum fee in the previous market capitalisation band in column (c).

In the event of an application being made where more than one line/class of security is being admitted, the market capitalisation of each class will be combined to give a total for the company.